What Happens in Our First Meeting?

Divorce and custody disputes can be very stressful, costly and disruptive to your personal life as well as your work life. Our attorneys have helped many individuals like you deal with the difficult issues encountered during a divorce or custody dispute. Our goal is to help you move on - to being a better and happier you.

We Listen to You

During your case strategy meeting, we listen to what issues and concerns you have. We hear what has happened in the past, what is happening now, and what you are trying to avoid or obtain for the future. We discuss what the legal process looks like, including resolving your situation in or out of court. We give you materials, resources and tips that you can start to apply immediately to your situation. Most importantly, we discuss your goals and your options.

We Answer Your Questions

Our goal in this meeting is to help you make educated, informed choices. You may not have decided if you want a divorce yet, but if you are considering a divorce, we highly recommend that you come in to meet with a lawyer. During this time, you will find out the answers to many of your questions, hear about things you should and should NOT do, discuss ways to make this process easier and more amicable if possible, and have a better idea of what happens either way.


During this meeting, it can be difficult to talk about some very private personal and financial information. We are often the first person you have told certain secrets and fears to. We have to delve into these uncomfortable issues so that we truly understand what your concerns are and how we can best serve you. Know that we guard our clients’ confidentiality and privacy very closely and carefully. Unless you have given us authorization, we do not share any of your information, including your name, with anyone outside the firm.

We Discuss Next Steps

You are under NO obligation to hire us after your case strategy meeting. We are thrilled when a potential client is able to work out the differences with their significant other! We are also ready to help you once you have made the decision to move forward with a divorce or custody issue.

A word of caution. You may not want to hear everything that we tell you, but it is important to us to be honest and forthright with you. It is not uncommon for us to need to clarify or correct a potential client’s ideas on the law or the legal process.

Transparency in Billing

We charge $350 for the case strategy meeting, and we feel confident that you will agree that the information, the guidance and the feeling of relief you receive is well worth the money.

We bill our clients on an hourly basis, broken down into tenths of an hour. We send invoices to our clients at least once per month. We also require a deposit before we will begin working on a case, and we also require the clients to replenish the deposit at each billing cycle.